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The stream of deathless nectar: the short recension of the Amratarasadhara of the elder Upatissa, a commentary on the chronicle f the future Buddha Metteyya, with a historical intro.

Series : Materials for the Study of the Tripitaka, Vol. 12
Author : Stuart, Daniel M.
Pages : lxvii+271p., appendices, bib., 22cm.
Year : 2017
ISBN : 9788880010951, 8880010956
Publisher : Fragile Palm Leaves Foundation
Place : Bangkok (Thailand)
Binding : Paperback
Price (Airmail) : US $48.25
About the book:

Maitreya is the future buddha, the buddha who will follow our present Buddha Sakyamuni. For more than two thousand years Maitreya (Pali Metteyya) has been an inspiration for Buddhist devotees who look forward to his coming and aspire to meet him and receive his blessings and teachings. Their devotions have animated art, ritual, meditation practice and literature across Asia. The Theravamsa of Sri Lanka and South-East Asia transmits a `Chronicle of the Future' (Anagatavamsa) in a bewildering number of recensions. Written in Pali, the `Chronicle' is a paean of the golden future that Maitreya will inaugurate for those who practice sincerely. The present volume contains a study, a critical edition, and an annotated translation of a commentary on the `Chronicle', the Amatarasadhara, or `Stream of Deathless Nectar' composed in Pali by the Sri Lankan elder Upatissa.
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