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Divyambara: masterpieces of costume from the collection of the National Museum with contributions from Sushmit Sharma

Author : Varadarajan, Lotika
Pages : x+252p., full of col. illus., ind., 25x30.5cm.
Year : 2018
ISBN : 9788185832418, 8185832412
Publisher : National Museum
Place : New Delhi
Binding : Paperback
Price (Airmail) : US $72.25
About the book:

The Catalogue, comprises 262 pages including an Index which is also intended to serve as a Glossary. The work includes 21 well-chosen paintings from the collection of the National Museum which depict the costumes selected along with 114 visuals of the costumes themselves. The Costumes have been divided into eleven categories and details such as ornamentation lead to discussions of little known looms, the variety of weaves used and the manner in which metallic yarns and precious stones have enhanced the visual appeal of the garments. The costumes are of late vintage but nevertheless bear the essential markers of their genealogy. Those of mixed heritage have been classified as hybrid. In a contemporary market dominated by denim and jean these costumes can still inspire the designer and user to novel departures in wear.
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