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Rabindranath Tagore in South-East Asia: culture, connectivity and bridge making, ed. by Lipi Ghosh
2016, Hardcover

this collection of essays probes the intellectual bases of tagore\'s theory of civilzation, his ideas of east and west, his theory of cultural encounter in the context of south-east asia, and also provides an in-depth analysis of his philosophy, i.e. his concepts of nationalism, internationalism and universalism.
The frontier tribal belt: genesis and purpose under the Raj
Bangash, Salman
2016, Hardcover

this book deals with one of his most complicated frontier quandaries faced by the british empire in india, besides discussing the political, administrative, and social intricacies of the tribal belt under the british rule.
The Journey of the goddess Durga: India Java and Bali
Ariati, Ni Wayen Pasek
2016, Hardcover

written by a balinese historian this volume traces the long journey of images of the goddess durga within india in the 1st millennium ce and then the long evolution of these images in java and bali beginning c.700 ce in the early mataram kingdom of ancient java. in addition to being a historical study this volume also documents the author\'s personal journey. raised in a rural ...